Curt Beltpants
"Asshole? Don't talk about my face like that."

Original Mod

Script Hook V





First Appearance

Apocalypse Escape


  • Beatrice (Grandmother)
  • Unnamed Evil Brother
  • Possible Unnamed Mother (mentioned only)






GTA Character

Curt Beltpants is an obese middle-aged man living in Los Santos who becomes trapped there during the middle of an apocalypse. His goal is to escape on an airplane at the airport and leave the city. Al plays as him during GTA V Mods: Apocalypse Escape.


Curt first appears on a roof in the city. After he notices the chaos around him, he decides to head for the airport to try and escape from the pandemonium. After arriving at the airport, he is met by rampaging pedestrians who try to kill him. He runs from them and finds an airplane, which he hijacks and then flies away from the people, barely escaping with his life.

Unfortunately, his airplane took a lot of damage at the airport and he is forced to land. After landing he is immediately wounded by rioting people and awakes at the hospital, who have somehow rescued him. Upon leaving the hospital, he almost dies but manages to steal a car and head to the next closest airport. On his journey on the freeway, he gets wasted again after being shot mercilessly.

After this, Curt faints several more times until he finally reaches another airport. He gets in another plane and heads north to supposed safety. He makes it over the mountain and jumps out of his airplane to the safety of the ocean beneath him, successfully escaping from the rampage of the city.

He returns to the city in GTA V Mods: Apocalypse Escape 2 - Grandma Rescue!, to rescue his grandma, Beatrice Beltpants. The city has gotten considerably worse since he escaped. He recruits two armed guards to assist him in rescuing his grandmother and checks the most likely location she'll be; the police station. She is not present at the station and, after facing opposition from zombies with assault rifles, he moves on, leaving the bodies of his two guards behind.

He then breaks into a business building, killing rioted business people as he searches for his "grandmama". He checks the hospital as well, only finding a wild cougar. He became desperate, even jumping on top of an airplane to search for her.

Eventually, he stops in at the local sports arena, finally finding his grandmother there. As they run outside, he encounters his evil brother and is forced to kill him to escape. He then takes Beatrice to the secret "grandmama base". They find one base, although grandma finds it unsuitable and they move on. Eventually, they invade a chicken factory and clear out the enemies, letting grandma live there peacefully.

Friends/Followers Edit

Throughout the videos, Curt was seen with a variety of people following him. Some he would randomly name, and others would go without special notice. One group of women following him was referred to as his "Angels". Many of his followers were killed, and many others were missing in action, their fates unknown. One even survived after Curt was killed. Here is a complete list of them.

  • Riquez (military bodyguard/escort)
  • Daniels (military bodyguard/escort)
  • Berlini (military bodyguard/escort)
  • Unnamed "Army Bud" (marine bodyguard)
  • Unnamed "Army Bud" (marine bodyguard)
  • Unnamed Military Bodyguard
  • Unnamed Military Bodyguard
  • Dolphin Companion
  • Mary (friend of Curt's grandma)
  • Unnamed Marine Bodyguard (possibly named "Merlini")
  • Unnamed women wearing sunhat, light blue jeans, flower vest, and blue shirt
  • Unnamed women with pink hair, wearing brown pants, a light purple shirt, and wielding a pistol
  • Donny
  • Sheila (An older woman wearing bright purple clothes who appeared randomly)


  • The people rioting around Curt are because of the Pedestrian Riot mod.
  • Curt is most likely inspired by Bobby Duggart. Just like Bobby, he has an obsession with burgers.
  • Curt states that he can eat well, but he can't aim a gun well.
  • When he needs to get somewhere, his friend "Sheila" can take him there, via a golf cart grappled to a bus.
  • Curt "died" a total of 5 times in the original apocalypse escape video.
  • Curt apparently works with the marines and was in charge of flying a Cargobob.
  • Curt was able to enter buildings no one else could. The reason he was given this power is unknown.
  • Curt also is seen in several forms aside from his real one (bearded fat man with hoodie and jeans), some of them are a bearded fat man with short sleeves and shorts as well as darker hair, a black cat, a high-schooler aged fat guy with no beard but similar clothes, his normal form except with shorts on, his normal form except with no hoodie, and Michael de Santa himself.
  • He may actually have a mother, too, referenced by the statements "Remember what your mother told you...keep eating!" or "Look, Mom! I'm Flyin'!" while using the Hancock Mod.
  • In New Vegas: Brotherhood of Steel Unforgotten - 2, Al laughed, stating that Junior Paladin Carter sounded like Curt Beltpants.
  • In New Vegas: Dust - Part 32, as he walked through rocky mountaintops, Al joked that he could picture Curt Beltpants running around there.
  • In Fallout 4 Playthrough - Part 1 - A New Beginning, Al excitedly states that he will be doing many different playthroughs of the game, one of which will be a "Curt Beltpants Playthrough".
  • In New Vegas: Hobos, Riddick and Buckets - 2, Al made strange eating noises during dialogue with A Crazy Hobo, stating that he sounded like Curt Beltpants.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Freeside Redone-2, Al encounters a fat raider named "Curt Belt-pants", whom he kills along with his gang of Hussies.
  • In Punch Club - I'm A Boxer! - Part 1 Al's character, Chimmy Bob, eventually came across two thugs, the leader being a fat, bearded man with a baseball bat named "Big Bo". Chimmy Bob was easily beaten, and Al stated that Curt Beltpants ("Big Bo") was killing him.
  • In Mafia 3 Early Access - Part 4 - The Boat Battle!, Al began talking like Curt Beltpants and making fat guy jokes during all scenes involving Uncle Lou Marcano, due to his large size, even though he didn't have a beard.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Down with Radios, Al was sent to do a job for a client, who turned out to be a man named "Curtis.B", who was fat, and had boxes of food covering every square inch of his floor, resulting in Al reading his dialogue in Curt Beltpants' voice.

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