Crockett seconds after being "fixed"

Original Mod






First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Open Water - 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Open Water - 9




  • Krang


In the Rave Club


Temporary Companions

Crockett is a refurbished Mk II Protectron found by Al in Primm while reviewing Open Water.

Origin Edit

Crockett was found in Primm as Broken Securitron #009 with a blue screen of death on his screen face. Among all other options Al decided to fix him to get him running. Crockett requests $100 in pre-war money to follow Al. He went to Vicki and Vance Casino to earn $100 in NCR money, confusing the two. He somehow acquired the money and gave it to Crockett.

After he gave him to money, Crockett met with a Robobrain named Krang to pay off his debt. Krang instead opened fire on Crockett and Al assisted in shooting him. Crockett thanked Al and offered his services to him, unfortunately Al forgot to set Crockett to follow him.

Appearances Edit

Crockett only appears from parts 1 to 9 of Open Water where in his last appearance he was "sent to the Rave Club" during an arena battle along with A.J. and Captain Ballarms who were also following Al at the time. He was never seen again.

Trivia Edit

  • Crockett has a gambling and chem problem, despite being a robot.
  • Whenever Al starts talking to Crockett he would say a random food item, such as "refried beans", having a food processor.
    • Al would get annoyed of this phrase so Crockett says "potater chips".
  • He likes TV.
  • Crockett plays songs based on his namesake, Davy Crockett.
  • He is a compulsive liar and pretends to forget about the $100 Al paid him.
  • He is Al's first text-to-speech voiced companion.

Crockett where he was found

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