Crier T811B is a clone that replaced Crier Breach for several missions after he was deemed a liability to the Radios.


At some point, tens of Crier-series clones were manufactured by the Radios, and Crier T811B was among them. Most were not activated, until Crier was detained and T811B was activated.


He first appears in New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1 some time after Crier's imprisonment, where he was activated among tens of inactive clones. He was then sent on missions to destroy the Rebels. His first mission was to impersonate a rebel informant and was attacked by a mercenary company called the Sand-sharks, hired by the Rebellion. He then wiped out their base in Westside, and got a Ghoul a bottle of milk on the way. He then met Stanley in the base, but he got away and Crier had to deal with his commandos.

His second mission was to destroy the Sand-sharks' headquarters, thus dissolving them. His third mission was to lead a group of soldiers to the Atomic Wrangler where some rebels were meeting, but the soldiers' heads blew up simultaneously. He then found information of their headquarters at a nuclear test site. His fourth mission was to destroy the rebels once and for all. He went to the test site and killed Stanley, but let Janet and A.J. escape, something he didn't count on.

In New Vegas Mods: World of Secrets - Part 1, he was put back in stasis and the original Crier was released.


  • It is likely he was chosen at random to take over Crier Breach's role, as there were many clones that could have been selected instead.