Crier Breach is a clone of Al, the current character used during New Vegas mod reviews, and a former recurring temporary companion. When he was not accompanying Al and the gang on an adventure, he spent his time spreading the word of the Atomic Wrangler from his street corner in Freeside. He first appeared in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Missing Persons - 1. As of New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 1, he has taken over Al's position for New Vegas mod reviews.


During his first appearance in the Missing Persons mod review, he is seen already following Al. Steve then explains that he was lonely, and Al comes to the conclusion that his mod was being goofy, so he then allowed Crier Breach to follow him around during the mod review. He assists Al in finding and locating the missing persons and is alive at the end of the mod review.


He had several following appearances, although they were mostly reduced to cameos and simple companion roles.

However, during the Six Angry Strangers mod review, he was replaced by the original street crier. He most likely took a vacation during this time period.

He makes a reappearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, where he was instructed by a mysterious voice over the radio to try and destroy Al. He manages to lure him into the Atomic Wrangler, where he sets bombs and then watches the building explode with Al inside. After the explosion, he seems to be regretful of his choice, although Al and the gang survive, unknown to him at the time. He appears later in the montage in the hidden bunker, rescuing Al from Al clones and explains that he helped Al because he is sad that the Atomic Wrangler was destroyed. Crier Breach appears one more time at the end of the montage, being informed by Cunty McLean, a robot clone of Al created by the Radios and the Business Radroaches, that he is to become the new Al.

He is given all of Al's old companions who were captured and has his speech options unrestricted, allowing him full access to any words he chooses. He is last seen standing alongside Al's brainwashed companions, acting as the old Al who disappeared.

This replacement was confirmed in Crier Breach's first mod review, New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 1, where he receives his first mission assigned by Dave the Radio. At the beginning of the video, he is given all of Al's old captured companions and is informed that they view him as the real AlChestBreach and he is then told to act like the real Al and do a mod review. After copying Al's normal introductions, he heads off with his companions to complete a mod review.

He was temporarily replaced with another Crier Breach clone (named Crier T811B) after New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1 due to the Radios and Radroaches feeling that his reckless actions led to the rebellion being born. The original Crier was held in locked quarters.

The original Crier was then put back in action in New Vegas Mods: World of Secrets - Part 1 when Crier T811B was put back into stasis once again, as Crier was cleared of being the traitor.


  • He is a replacement of the original female Atomic Wrangler crier.
  • He often lies about the Atomic Wrangler, claiming that there are pictures of puppies, Age of Empires 1, gushers and a ballpit, and other random things inside of the bar, which is not true.
  • He makes a cameo in New Vegas Mods: Freeside Redone, wanting to accompany Al. Al however, refuses, and ignores him as he runs past him.
  • The only phrases he could say without saying "Come on down to the Atomic Wrangler!" were "whatever" and a one time (presumed) insult to Al stating "You wanna suck on these two nuts?"
    • This was no longer the case following Farewell New Vegas, when Cunty McLean unlocked his speech module so that Crier could pose as Al.
  • He opens his own store on assignment from the Business Radroaches and Radios in New Vegas Mods: Run A Shop 2! - Part 1. Even though there are already Radios throughout the store, it is still his job to make the store a success and make money for the group. In the second part, it is revealed that running a store is simply a test given to Crier to see if he is capable.
  • It appears he is an American patriot giving how he dressed up as a American Continental Army soldier in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Welcome to Ridgeview and frequently shouted "No taxation without representation!" and "For Freedom!" in combat duirng the review.
  • He was revealed to be training as a Jedi in New Vegas Mods: The Star Wars Mod - Part 1.