Crazy Kevin

Original Mod






First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 3




  • BlackHeart
  • Cultists
  • Raiders




Temporary Companions

Crazy Kevin is an adventurer that first appeared in New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 1 .

Origin Edit

At some point, Crazy Kevin lived in a small settlement named BlackWater, which has been liberated from a man named BlackHeart. He lived there until the water was contaminated by radiation by cultists that with to resurrect the then-deceased BlackHeart. Crazy Kevin escaped on boat to the Mojave to find some help, preferably the Courier known as AlChestBreach, but instead his evil clone found him.

Appearances Edit

He appears in New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 1 near a small shack, preparing to find the Courier. Instead, Crier Breach, a clone of the Courier known as AlChestBreach, found him. He requests help from Crier and he accepts. before they go, they needed to find Kevin's hat, which was stolen by a Mirelurk named Mama. After killing Mama they went by boat to BlackWater which was under attack by the Jamison Family, fused into a centaur and the insane Ghoul inhabitants.

They then look in the houses for casualties and are led to the BlackWater Metro. They enter and find some Ghoulified Raiders, ones that Kevin killed when he first arrived in BlackWater. He then deduces the person behind the water contamination is a man named BlackHeart, who previously owned the land before his death. They make their way to his old manor where they fought Ghouls animated by the irradiated water. After a few game saves and loads, Al find a way to progress the quest by disabling BlackHeart's corpse and ritual table to retrieve his ritual knife.

Crier then finds himself in a pit and falls to his death. He does so again, but enables god mode. He finds himself in a hellish landscape and notices Kevin is gone. He makes his way back to reality and kills several cultists in the Manor. He eventually finds Kevin in the cellar's freezer after defeating a cultist known as the Butcher.

They then fight through Ghouls, skeletons and cultists until Crier was knocked out by the Cultist Leader back in the Manor. Crier then kills BlackHeart's soul (somehow) and finds the controls to the water purifier, ending the crisis. They make their way back to BlackWater and Kevin thanks him for saving the town.

Trivia Edit

  • During the review Crier finds Stanley along with some Radioheads cloning Crazy Kevin and an AlChestBreach Clone. However when Crier goes to investigate they shut and lock the door on him.
  • It's unknown why he is called "Crazy" as he doesn't attempt anything of the sort.
  • In his house there is a woman named "N.B." who upon being talked to, Crier is killed instantly. Kevin's relation to N.B. is unknown.

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