Corpse Buddy
"Hey, I'm Corpse Buddy!"

Original Mod






First Appearance

Dust - Part 8


AlChestBreach (Creator)






Temporary Companions

Corpse Buddy is a temporary companion of Al's who first appears in part 8 of his New Vegas: Dust playthrough. Similar to Jerry McGhoulBerry, he is a reanimated corpse, although he claims that he is totally different from Jerry, as he has hair and a different name. Al finds him creepily friendly.


Corpse Buddy makes his first appearance in part 8 of the playthrough after Al collects body parts from raiders and assembles them into the machine, bringing the body parts to life to create Corpse Buddy. Corpse Buddy then follows him around the wasteland as a companion.

As they traveled, he found Corpse Buddy annoying until he proved himself by easily killing a pack of wild dogs who were trying to attack Al. After that, he trusted Corpse Buddy, giving him powerful weapons and letting him kill most enemies.

In part 14, Al believes it'll be cheating if he keeps Corpse Buddy with him, as he keeps going unconscious and doesn't actually die, so Al sends him back to the lab where he was created.

Later, in part 74, Corpse Buddy comes back to help Al on his baby DUST adventures.


  • It is unknown if Corpse Buddy is his real name.
  • Al meant to set for him to unessential, but accidentally set him to essential.
  • Corpse Buddy can wear armor, but needs a backpack in order to properly carry more than 3lbs of equipment.
  • Corpse Buddy encountered a glitch in part 10 that caused him to have "spaghetti fingers".
  • Al gave him a human skin mask to help him blend in.

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