Condor has no confirmed age, but is presumed not to age at all.


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Chaotic Neutral

The Great Condor is a small, brass, sentient toy figure of a stallion who resides inside the Cop Family's house as well as in Bobby Duggart's new home. He watches over the household and provides commentary and insight into the actions of the family. He does intend to murder the family when given the opportunity.


Condor makes his first appearance in episode 1, when Donny takes him out of the toybox in which he resides. After playing with him for a bit, Donny places him on the counter in the kitchen. This is when Condor begins speaking and watching over the family as they pass by him and continue on with their lives. He commentates on their actions, saying that there will come a day when he can execute them. Until that day, he states that he will simply watch them.

Appearances Edit

In episode 3, he becomes quite angry with the Cop family because of all the dirty dishes they placed next to him on the counter. Donny cleans them up and although Condor is thankful, he immediately places another dirty plate down next to him, angering him.

In episode 4, he becomes even more enraged when he is not only surrounded by dirty bowls, but piles of trash as well.

He acknowledges the vault built in episodes 7 and 8 and is happy to hear the screams of those trapped there.

Condor makes an appearance in Sims 4 - Bachelor Bobby! - Part 1. He seems to be a fortune teller of sorts, predicting the future.

He later appears in Condor & Friends - 1 - The Flower Queen with his two friends: Wolf Dude and a Bear. They are looking for A Selected Blend of Fine Quality Teas from the Flower Queen. She instructs her to find her serum as she is dying. They searched for days and found it behind a great door. They then delivered it to the Flower Queen and she gave them a packet of the tea.


  • Condor may be a reincarnation of the horse figurine seen in Enrique Pelly's house in episode 41 of the Sims 3 Cops.
  • Al frequently blocks out curse words by cutting to a clip of him saying "Condor", Similar to that of Jameson.
  • His original name was Georgie.
  • He is similar to The Death Dogs in Al's Sims 3 playthrough of the game.
  • Condor is also known to some fans as "The Great Condor" or "Condor the Terrible".
  • Condor may be chaotic neutral or just care about the Cop family as he is known to sometimes offer them advice, or offering to listen to their problems.
  • Condor states that human love does not interest him.
  • Condor seems to be some sort of multi-dimensional being as he seems to be able to be at both The Cop Family household as well as living with Bobby.
  • Non-sentient versions of condor exist and were seen in episode 5 of 2 brothers.
  • When not in The Sims, he stars in a live action series titled "Condor and Friends." Where he and his friends go on adventures. This is one of the first times a character from Al's videos have made there way into the real world.
  • In Sims 4 - Suit Suite!, he burned to death in a large house fire which claimed the lives of many people including children after saying he could survive any type of fire.

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