This page is about the second Claptrap companion. For the first one, go to the Claptrap No. 1 page.


Original Mod

Custom Robot Followers 2





First Appearance

New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions


Claptrap No. 1 (Brother)


  • Possibly whoever threw him




Temporary Companions

Claptrap is the second Borderlands-based robot Al has done a review on.

Origin Edit

When Al stood next to a barrel at Camp Golf, another Claptrap robot was thrown into it from a far distance.

Appearances Edit

In New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions, Al was at Camp Golf with Steve, Captain Ballarms and Claptrap No. 1 to review another Claptrap mod. Claptrap was being thrown across the wasteland and precisely into a barrel. Al managed to free him and was recruited by Claptrap. They went to Denver to test out the new companion

Trivia Edit

  • Both robots consider Al to be their "minion" rather than a companion.
  • Claptrap 2's voice irritates Al because of a static side-effect of the audio.
  • It took 10 seconds for the impact script to initiate when Claptrap 2 landed in the barrel.
  • According to Gerokeymaster's comment in New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions, Claptrap 2 uses the same GECK ID as his, so one of of Claptrap 1's dialogue was present in Claptrap 2's introduction.
  • Both robots are based on the Claptrap character of the Borderlands game series.

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