This page is about The first Claptrap companion. For the second one, go to the Claptrap No. 2 page.


Original Mod

Claptrap Securitron Companion





First Appearance

New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Companion

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions


Claptrap No. 2 (Brother)





Temporary Companions

Claptrap is the first Borderlands-based robot Al has done a review on.

Origin Edit

Claptrap was tasked by Robert House to paint and repair the Yangtze Memorial despite not being a repairbot. This was a punishment for interfacing with Mr. House's central mainframe drunk.

Appearances Edit

In New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Companion, Al finds him at said location and asks Claptrap why he's there. After realizing some other Securitrons have heard their conversation through Claptrap himself, they ambush them but manage to defeat all of the Securitrons. Claptrap then asks Al to find three scrap electronics, one energy cell and one conductor to emit a signal from a destroyed Securitron so that other Securitrons and Mr. House will think he's dead. They find all the parts at REPCONN Headquarters with help from Steve.

He also appears in New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Bros Companions where he simply follows Al in the video to introduce another Claptrap companion. Later in the video they go to Denver via a manhole-portal in Doc Mitchell's house. In the Haunted Sands section of the map, Claptrap and Steve got lost. At the end of the video Al found him just in front of a barrier when he landed from a factory sign to "become a meatball".

Trivia Edit

  • Both robots consider Al to be their "minion" rather than a companion.
  • Both robots are based on the Claptrap character of the Borderlands game series.

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