Clamps is a Utility Protectron Loader that appears in most of Al's Fallout 4 livestreams.

Origin Edit

In Stream - Fallout 4 - The Ballad of Clamps, he was created alongside a Police Protectron named The Badge. He was traveling with Al when they were attacked multiple times. The Badge went missing while Clamps died, so Al had to drag his body all the way to General Atomics Galleria to get him repaired. On the way they were attacked by his brother Evil Clamps and his friends but destroyed them and made their way. After he was "repaired" he clipped through the General Atomics Outlet floor and was stuck in crawling animation.

Appearances Edit

He later appears in Stream - Fallout 4 - Go West...Eventually as a modded companion instead of a generic Utility Protectron Loader. After helping former Minuteman Ronnie Shaw with gaining access to The Castle's Armory, Clamps breaks his leg, but insists he's dancing to "Dancing Legs".

He accompanies Al yet again in Stream - Fallout 4 - Taxidermy Adventures!, along with Ringo to kill mutated animals and turn them into taxidermy. This version uses a mod that adds Clamps as a standalone companion called Clamps the Protectron Companion. Before going into the Glowing Sea to find Radscorpions, Al creates several robots including a clone of Clamps for good measure against the mutants.

In Stream - Fallout 4 - Drilldo! - Sexy Legs! he was modified to have Assaultron legs to fit in with another companion, Drilldo.

He was modified in Stream - Fallout 4 - Gorilla Bridge! to have an EyeBot Core as a torso and Assaultron legs, to the point where he is no longer a Protectron.

After eight months, he appeared once again in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: A Random Dude's Story - Part 1, this time equipped with teddy bears as hands. His legs were damaged by raiders as Al was making his way to his new apartment, and stayed that way until the end of the video.

He made a cameo appearance as a Utility Protectron detected in V.A.T.S. in Fallout 4 - FROST - Part 34.

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Trivia Edit

  • Clamps was later made as a mod made by Gerokeymaster titled Clamps the Protectron Companion.
  • He has a large family who communicates to Al via donations of $1, most notably his cousin FatItalianClamps, whose catchphrase is "pasta fagioli!"
  • Several times, Clamps goes missing and Al has to create him again, only to find the previous Clamps.
    • These copies would make the original Clamps have certain glitches. One clone was equipped with sentry bot "legs" and the original Clamps' legs were frozen and used the rolling animation from the clone.
  • Strangely, he was "repaired" at the General Atomics Galleria even though he is made by RobCo.
  • He communicates to Al in his livestreams via donation and would donate $1.
    • He communicated with Al as Special_Clamps after his repair.
  • In his first appearance, Al once threw him off a cliff and sang a sitcom-esque theme song featuring him.
  • As with all other Protectrons Clamps is very slow and will always be downed in battle and Al would think he's dead or drunk.
  • Clamps likes to play chess.
  • Al made a clone at a Robot Workbench named "Extreme Clamps".