Chopper Cops!

Chopper Cops is a mod review Al did that appears to be a spin-off of a television show like Cops; featuring Al Chestbreach. He flies a vertibird and quells disturbances in the wasteland. Mr. Cuddlesworth, Jerry McGhoulBerry and Steve act as ground forces. Martha is the elderly radio operator who tells Al about disturbances. He uses a .22 revolver as a weapon and as means to, "double tap" the law breakers so that they don't come back to life. Burning the bodies of hobos is said to also keep them from returning to life. Al keeps crashing the vertibirds and the department revokes his use of them. He steals one and continues on his patrols. He encounters many people including Outlaws, drug addicts and fiends. The vertibird is eventually shot down by a gang of children which Al is forced to kill off screen to save his own life. However judging by the noise off screen, it sounds that Al was unsuccessful in saving his life. The first video is: Fallout New Vegas Mods: XRE Beta - Chopper Cops - Part 1.

Chopper Cops is the inspiration behind the quest mod of the same name by Bugsthatbite.