Original Mod

Invincible Chicken Follower





First Appearance

Tundra Defense - Part 5


1000 Unnamed Children
DikaSmasha (Owner)






Main Companions

Chicken Little is a chicken that first appeared in Al's Skyrim Mods: Tundra Defense - Part 5 video. She is a female chicken, and her nickname is Chloe. She has stuck with Al through his mod reviews and is one of his main Skyrim companions. 


Chicken Little, "Chloe" is a chicken that has been modded to be a companion for Al who was recruited by Al to gather intel and observe his team so that Al could learn more about how well they worked together. According to him, she is a local whore and has 1000 kids, all to different fathers. 

Because she is a chicken, she can't fight very well if at all, although she does bravely charge in to attack enemies so that she might be able to distract them while Lydia or Clackers finish them off.

Chloe is in a relationship with Lydia and is known to disappear during Al's mod reviews with her to make out.

During Skyrim Mods: Ogmund's Tomb - Part 1, she, along with Clackers, Steven, and Kumiho are gathered together to form a super team for Al's final official Thursday Skyrim mod review. She is alive at the end of the mod review and will likely be present if Al posts another Skyrim video.


  • Despite leaving to make out with Lydia, she is usually always the one who follows Al into places where he is supposed to enter alone; much like Steve in Al's Fallout: New Vegas mod reviews. 
  • Al originally thought that Chloe was a male.
  • It is unknown where any of her 1000 children are, although it is unclear if they are humans or chickens, so we may never know. 
  • She is in a paranormal investigation team with Al as stated here.
  • There is a rumor that she is a relative of the "Ninja Chicken", a disappearing fowl.
  • Chloe appears on the current background for Al's channel.
  • It was announced by Al in Skyrim Mods: Moon and Sky - Part 1 that he used to have a female chicken companion when speaking to Kumiho and that she had left, obviously referring to Chloe. It is unknown if this means Chloe left Al to pursue other things or if he simply abandoned her.

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