Cheebursa, formerly named Elizabeth, is a small, virtual, holographic, tamagotchi-like pet that resides in Bobby Duggart's inventory in Al's playthrough of The Sims 3. Although she is not an official member of the Duggart household, she is like a real pet that Bobby must feed and take care of.


Cheebursa is first met in episode 94, at the house where Bobby resides in while he stays at the future. He picked up the small virtual pet and began playing with it. The two quickly formed a bond and Bobby decided to keep her with him during his adventure.

Bobby is able to summon her whenever he wants so that she can be played with and fed nanites. If she wishes, she is able to hover over Bobby's shoulder and follow him around. She was also able to help Bobby improve his Bot-Building skill, which caused Al to sing a song about the two. While traveling with her, he frequently pauses to check how she is feeling.

In episode 96, she tried to warn Bobby about traveling to the barren wasteland alone, telling him that death is inevitable and that she would be glad to write out a will for him. He told her to shut up. He quickly apologized to her, though, and played with her until her mood improved.

It was revealed in episode 98 that Oscar also owns a virtual pet, meaning that Cheebursa and that pet can now interact and play together.

She was erased from existence when Bobby glitched into the future in episode 108. 

R.I.P. Cheebursa

Episode 94-108


  • Al thinks she looks like an apple.
  • In previous parts of his playthrough, Al thought that he heard an annoying baby crying. However, after finding Cheebursa, he realized that the loud squeals came from her.

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