Charlie is a bighorner and a dear friend Al made on his second visit to Slave Town and first appeared in New Vegas Mods: Slave Town - Ep 2 - Part 4, when Al was sent to work on the slave farm for the day. 


When Al was told to lure the bighorners into a pen, he escourted the others and approached Charlie last, instantly becoming friends with him. As Al led him back to the pen, Al had dreams about the things Charlie and him could do together, such as "riding through the ocean falls of North America".  

After dropping Charlie off, he did some other errands for the slavers and when he returned, he was told he had to choose a bighorner to massacre for meat in the barn. Al confided in Charlie that he didn't want to do this, but Charlie seemed upset that Al was killing one of his own. 

Al kills a random bighorner and then follows the slavers out of the area; saying goodbye to Charlie and that he's sorry for what he's done. Charlie ignored him, still angry at Al and lets him walk away. This is the last time he sees Charlie and it is unknown if he will see him again or if he's even still alive. 


  • Charlie is the only bighorner Al hasn't wanted to shoot in the face. 
  • Al kissed Charlie's behind. 
  • His horns and eyes smell like sugar and honey dip. 

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