Cham 2

A Chammi Cham, doing Chammi things.

The Chammi Chams is a species Al created for his new Spore series during Misc. Mon"th"day.


Chammi Chams are a race of arthropods (as shown by the exoskeleton on their back, tail, arms, and legs). They have long eyestalks that are designed to see over far distances. They have two spikes, two antlers, and two tendrils on their tails. They are entirely carnivorous and have a large, crocodile-like mouth, and tend to eat small creatures. They have suction cup feet to walk up walls. And on their hands, they have two large thumbs and a small spike. They have a strange reproductive system, as both genders have tendrils, the presumed reproductive organ, and males lay the eggs. They have large, seemingly mechanical, spurs on the back of their tail. They have small wings, and leaves for camouflage on each leg. All Chammi Chams are capable of growing facial hair. They lay large pink eggs.


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Homoarthropoda

Order: Bipedarthropoda

Family: Gnatharthridae

Genus: Terribilis-Alienum

Species: Terribilis-Alienum Venator-Aion


The Chammi Chams are known as the Chammi Cham Empire, and wear strange, overly-big outfits. They make cities and buildings out of a strange, black unknown metal. Because of their carnivorous nature, they have grown into a very aggressive society, and have set the goal of finding and exterminating all other lifeforms. They're famous for their right of passage, "The Dance of Chams"; this right of passage is held when a Chammi Cham is ready for adulthood; the ritual is rarely observed by other species, and all we know is that it involves shaving a cat to the rhythm of polka music, and something to do with pepperoni. They have discovered gunpowder, and can build insectoid vehicles. Their architecture resembles that of medieval Europe. Each city has one Emperor, who is the most ruthless Chammi Cham in the city. Judging from the dialogue, the eyeball people are shunned, and considered a slave species, contrary to their once-peaceful relationship. In Chammi Cham society, it is usual to have a feast after winning a big battle. Chammi Cham music sounds very similar to Latin music. The main export of the Chammi Chams is a plentiful red spice. Recently, the Chammi Chams have discovered space travel, and found other sapient species (most of which look like purple apes). They have also begun colonizing other planets, like Jerbiusese, a barren ice planet, and Hoguiel, a humid jungle world with many strange animals.

In-game DescriptionEdit

From Al's Spore description of the race;

The Chammi Chams are fond for their native dances of Chams. When confronted with multiple types of adversity the Chammi Chams are are known for Chammin it out to Evlis [sic] tunes and the Cham life. Don't forget to turn the dial to "C" for Cham.

I'd be Chammin maaaan!


  • Their scientific name is Terribilis-Alienum venator which translates to, "Terrifying hunter alien".
  • Since Grumpdorf is an ice planet, and the Chammi Chams have no obvious fur or blubber, the Chammi Chams must be warm-blooded, despite being arthropods.
  • In the tags for the Chammi Chams, Al references to Half Life Three and fellow Youtuber Seamus.
  • It's said that the Chammi Chams are destined to annihilate the Kooboos of the planet Chodarius soon after they become capable of space travel. 
  • The Chammi Chams are disturbingly hypocritical, seeing as they drive other species into extinction based on how ugly they look. 
  • Chammi Chams love Gears of War.
  • Chammi Chams tend to lure their victims into a false sense of friendship, then attack when they least expect.
  • The Chammi Chams are referenced by Al in a late episode of "The Duggarts" suggesting they may share the same universe, which would make sense considering that both games are developed by Maxis.

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