Cathleen is a crazed addict who makes her first and last appearance in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Slave Town - Part 4 .


She comes from the Slave Town - Its a slaves life mod made by RogerIrrelevant. She is the second enemy gladiator that you have to fight in the mod. She wields a Deathclaw Gauntlet as her choice of weapon and wears leather armor, reinforced. Cathleen fights Al in his second Fighting round, and kills Al causing him to load back to his last save after failing to be eaten by dogs. In the second round against Cathleen, Al cheated, and used the Groove-A-Tron and froze her and made Cathleen play the guitar.


  • Al is very attracted to Cathleen and wants to take her out to Chucky E. Cheese's.
  • Al was amazed by Cathleen's armor.
  • Al didn't like Cathleen's hairdo.
  • Al had mixed opinions about Cathleen.