The Death Dog waits for the perfect moment to kill you.

The Death Dog(s) is an item in The Sims 3. He is garden gnome dog that formerly resided in Al's household in his playthrough of The Sims 3. 


Carter Canineimus is a small lawn gnome of a dog (possibly a probe planted by the Submarine Cats)  that randomly appeared in The Duggart household in episode 31 of Al's playthrough. It is unknown how he appeared in the house, as one day he just seemed to appear in the bedroom. In episode 33, he teleported out of the basement and outside under the picnic table. In episode 34, another one spawned inside the bedroom. Al placed this one in the basement, unaware that this one was different and soon learned that there were now suddenly two of them.

Later, in episode 35, another dog spawns, this time outside next to the garbage can. He moved it to the basement with the other ones and places them back there whenever they frequently escape. 

In episode 38, both dogs teleported back up to ground level, one in the bathroom, and the other behind in front of the front door behind Bobby, who was playing with Pudge Farks. Instead of returning the dogs to the basement however, Al decided to place them in front of the house to "welcome" visitors. Since that episode, two more have appeared and are both now sitting outside, guarding the house. 

In episode 81, Al finally got rid of the Death Dogs and Death Rabbits by selling them, each of which were sold for approximately a 1000§ each.


  • Al moved "The Death Dog" out of his house and into the front yard in Episode 31 only to have it randomly find its way back inside in Episode 32. 
  • After moving back inside the house, Al began freaking out and placed it in the basement of the house. It is unknown if he will move again. 
  • It is assumed that this garden gnome wants to slaughter the Duggart family and that this is the reason he seems to be stalking them. 
  • The actual object is a variation of the Mysterious Mr. Gnome - see here for more info.
  • There were four of them.
  • In episode 61, Al attempts to destroy the Death Dog, but instead ends up blowing up the Duggart's kitchen.
  • Even death may die.
  • May cause insanity.
  • It appears to be some kind of Lovecraftian being, meaning that even though it is technically dead, it still somehow lives. It feasts on the souls of mortal Men.

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