Carolina Padilla is an adult sim in the game The Sims 4 and is the hired maid of The Duggarts. She is a recurring character in the series, and it can be assumed she has the Lazy trait.


Carolina is first hired in episode 4, where she enters the house and then immediately exits, much to Al's annoyance. She cleaned the house for about two minutes before leaving, Al not noticing or caring. She appears in episode 5 as well, cleaning one dish and then leaving, taking 50 simoleons with her.

In episode 8, while cleaning the house, she breaks the sink in the kitchen and enraged Al, although she ignored the problem and began chatting with Harold.

In episode 11, because she had not appeared for her job in a while, Al speculated that she may have been fired, or, on a more extreme level, killed. She appears in episode 12 to take out the trash, debunking this theory.

Al follows her around town after spotting her in episode 16, threatening to clean her house and learn where she lives. He soon loses interest in her, however, and follows around another sim. She later appears at their house to clean, although misses a giant scrap pile and leaves without cleaning it. 

She is fired by Al in episode 25.  


  • It seems as though Al doesn't expect excellence from her as a maid, as he is used to his maids being lazy and unintelligent, two traits she seems to share with maids of the past.
  • She greatly resembles Al's former maids Maya Cavender and Elisa Carroll from The Sims 3.
  • She always knocks on doors before entering them.
  • It appears that she frequently experiences back pain.
  • She also commonly forgets to wear her work clothes and usually shows up in her casual apparel.

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