Carlyle is a former-skeleton-now-synth and a former private detective working with a dog named Goobers.

Origin Edit

In FNV Montages: Goobers & Carlyle Halloween Mystery!, a grandfather was telling a story of Goobers & Carlyle Mystery Team, a private detective agency consisting of a dog and a skeleton, to his grandchildren on Halloween. In the story, the two were approached by a girl pleading for help to find her friends. In the original version of the story, they ate her. In the kid-friendly version the grandfather was forced to make after his grandchildren complained, the three ate dinner together. They searched around the Mojave until they came to an abandoned theater with the children locked in cages.

It was then they realized the person keeping them captive was Santa Claus. He captured children to turn them into Elves. Goobers then tackled Santa and freed the children, closing the case.

Appearances Edit

At one point, they disbanded the team and moved to the Commonwealth where they helped a Generation 2 Synth named Alexandr, a Synth Ghoul named Predenski, and a Mister Handy, also named Alexandr, escape the Institute. In Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Pravda Yest' Pravda! - Talkin Dog!, Al went on a quest to find the Synth Alexandr to help him. One of the people that Al had to meet on the way was Carlyle, now a Generation 1 Synth. To get the location of the other person, Al needed to kill a man named Han Solo to get back Carlyle's toy car. After that, Carlyle sent Al to Salem to meet Goobers.

Trivia Edit

  • The grandfather may have known the two as they were revealed to actually have existed in Pravda Yest' Pravda!
  • In Fallout 4, his name was Goobers because RapidSteve confused the two.
  • His personality in Fallout 4 is based on Green Cunt, a character made by the YouTuber iDubbbzTV.