Captain Clam Chower is Al's name for the unnamed, silent pilot he plays as in Indie Sunday! - Wings of Saint Nazaire - Alpha.


Captain Douglas Clam Chowder is the main character in Indie Sunday!-Wings of Saint Nazire. He is a professional space fighter pilot. He and main command are in charge of protecting a human colony from a race of humanoid turtle aliens. Clam Chowder is clearly delusional as he suffers from delusions of granger and thinks his parents were killed by turtle aliens when they are alive on the space station. He destroys many turtle ships but is eventually killed along side Captain Red R. Redbeard when he tries to crash into the turtle mothership (Which Redbeard is infiltrating) Chowder tells main command to "Suck a dick" for him before crashing. His and Redbeards funeral are held back on the space station.


  • He has a dislike for aliens and turtles, making him hate turtle aliens.
  • He flies a Cyclops MkII Space Jet.

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