Cap'n Chumps

Original Mod

Boxer Dog - Rex





First Appearance

War Trash - Part 1




  • Desert Fox Gang Members




Temporary Companions

Cap'n Chumps is a temporary companion boxer dog that first appears Fallout New Vegas Mods: War Trash - Part 1.


Chumps is first met in Goodsprings, already under the guidance of Al. The dog travels with Al for just around 18 minutes until he is killed in the crossfire between Al's group and the Desert Foxes. The dog is briefly mourned, but in part two of the video, Al uses him as an excuse for murdering everyone in Corn Creek, a town they were visiting. Al promises to seek revenge for what happened, but the dog is labeled as dead and he continues on with the video. However, in part 4 of the War Trash series, Al mentions Cap'n Chumps saying that he did indeed care about his life. Al cries over the death of his friend for a short time, but continues on the quest.

Appearances Edit

Chumps, although thought to be deceased, made a re-appearance in New Vegas Mods: War Trash 2 - Part 1, the sequel of the mod in which Chumps was originally seen. Al claims to have had him treated back to health, and as a result of this, he now sports a bandage around his torso.


  • Al pushes Cap'n Chumps up against a dead Desert Fox and says "He died making love to this dog."
  • Because the mod has the dog named "Boxer Dog", Al presumably named the animal Cap'n Chumps using the GECK.
  • Al promises Steve that Chumps will give him "lick licks" but this never actually happens. 

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