Camron Gurpkin
Camron outside of his bear costume.


EP 4 -



Camron Gurpkin is an adult sim and one of the employees of Bobby's Burgers, alongside Athena Guzman. He is the son of Lindsay Gurpkin and has an unknown relation to Tudd Gurpkin. He is first hired in episode 4.


Camron first appears in episode 4, on his first day on the job. He does very little at work except browse the store's selection of cheeseburgers, possibly wanting to purchase some himself. In episode 5, he is assigned an employee uniform; a bear costume. It is most likely because of this costume that Camron becomes despondent and lazy while working, not wanting to do anything. He and Bobby engage in verbal assaults and Camron goes on doing very little work wise.

In episode 6, Bobby begins being friendlier to Camron. Despite this, Camron is still horrible at his job, refusing to talk to customers unless ordered to. In the following episode, he begins complaining about being worked too hard, wanting to either be let off early or earn a raise, threatening to quit. Bobby lets him go home early the first time this complaint comes up. When Camron complains again, however, Bobby ignores him this time. Fed up with his job, Camron quits. Although Bobby acts as though he doesn't care, he cries when Camron leaves, although is filled with hope about Athena, his new employee.

Sad Depressed Cop Edition Edit

Camron also appears in Al's Cop Family playthrough. He makes his first appearance in episode 12, where he shows up at the Cop house, which causes Al to want to trap him in the basement. He walks down to the basement, and becomes locked in there with his mother, Lindsay.


  • When Camron was hired, he had virtually no skills in business and charisma. As he worked, his skills slowly grew even though he did basically nothing at work.
  • It is unknown if Camron is going to return to Bobby's Burgers.

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