Frosty Dreams
The Ice Cream Truck which stalks The Duggarts regularly


The Sims 3: Pets

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Abraham Finkel (Possibly formerly)
Mr. Blisters
The Deer (Possibly)
Waffle Syrup (Possibly formerly)



The C.I.A is a military android in "The Sims With Al" who spies on The Duggart family. It is disguised as a person(s) in a ice cream truck.

Origin Edit

He, she, it or they seems to be spying on Bobby because It not only watches Bobby while he is at home, but watched him when he was in prison, and in college. He, she, it or they seems to be part of a team watching the Duggarts for an unknown reason. The other members of the team are supposedly Abraham Finkel (formerly), The Submarine Cats and their Death Dog Probes, Mr. Blisters, The Deer, Waffles, and most likely The Horse House.

Al has given the truck the nickname "The Ice Cream Truck of Death."

It's possible that it planted the Freezer Bunnies in the Duggarts household as probes, mainly because the Freezer Bunny is a mascot for certain ice cream brands in the Sims games, which would imply that the C.I.A is a cultist organization. 

The C.I.A also appears to be interested in the Cop Family, since Jimmy, while working as a Private Investigator, had apparently stumbled on something big, and now knows too much. The League of Evil Pets appears to be an associate of the C.I.A., as both seem interested in the Cops.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 124, it was revealed that the C.I.A had followed Bobby to college and was observing him at the fraternity he's currently residing in. 
  • In episode 32, of the Cop series, it was revealed that they also spy on the Cop Family due to their tax evasion. In episode 35, Jimmy bought ice cream from one of their trucks. 
  • In episode 119, the C.I.A is seen following Bobby when he was teaching Doug Tanden how to drive. 

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