Buzz in Freeside

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Happy New Year Everyone!

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Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Defense Part 24 - New Years!








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Buzz is a Radroach who can stand on two legs and speaks with a stereotypical Mexican accent (Al provides the voice himself). He appears to disgust Al quite greatly.


He appears for the first time in the video Happy New Year Everyone! He appeared because Steve was doing the Hanukkah Special Montage (which doesn't exist) so Buzz was there to replace Steve while he was gone for his nonexistent montage. In the video, when Al is talking about the New Year he spots Buzz and is frightened and disgusted. Buzz just calmly responds with the sentence "Hey man I'm Buzz". Al shows a particular animosity towards Buzz and Buzz does the same towards Al. After some arguing with Al, Buzz randomly starts a little dance. Al really wants him to stop, but Buzz ignores him and continues his dance.

Appearances Edit

He is also seen at Al's side in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Defense Part 24 - New Years. During this review, Al talks to Buzz and tells him to be quiet, due to the fact that all of his speaking companions ended up dying. This shut Buzz up, and caused Al to strike up a friendship with him. In the first raid of the Wasteland Defense, a Feral Ghoul Leader kills Buzz. Al was quite upset over his death, even though he cannot look at him because he thinks Buzz is so gross.

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  • Buzz was originally created by Al by using a port of the Fallout 3 "Monster Costumes Mod" (notably ported by Al's colleague Darziak)
  • Despite being a Radroach, Buzz was able to carry a Hunting Rifle, and was able to use it during the Wasteland Defense raid.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Garbage Guru - Part 5 , when Al successfully made his way through the dream realm and decided to pick the red pumpkin, he then made his way through a small, purple floating door that teleported him to a stone platform in the middle of nowhere. There, he met another standing cockroach that stood on two legs named Tom. However, upon first noticing him, Al mistook him for Buzz being that they were coincidentally identical. He then apologized to Buzz for never bringing him back because he was "only there for like on episode".