Butch is a stray cat living around Al's house and a guest in Cat Tales

Origin Edit

Butch was invited to Al's house, but was bought by Lil Mama while he was gone. He then left but met with Lil Mama right on Al's porch. Al insisted that he gets married so he can get the house back.

Appearances Edit

In Cat Tales - Butchy Face he was sitting on Al's lawn while making an angry face, possibly because he lost his home and has to marry Lil Mama to get it back.

Butch then got married with Lil Mama and had six baby kittens in Cat Tales - Babies.

He returns to the series two years later in Cat Tales - Friendship Troubles where Al tries to get Darlene to be friends with him and Lil Mama, but Butch attempts to attack Darlene until Al stopped them. Al then finds out that Darlene has been extorting money from them.

He reappears in Cat Tales - On The Case! - Cat Cop! under the nickname Big Boy where he goes on a case to find missing kitty litter with Al. They eventually find a kitty litter pipe disguised as a tree root. They find the source at a nearby boat, but the culprit has left their mask behind. Big Boy then decides to hide in the bushes to find out who the culprit is the next time they come by. They wait and find that Darlene was behind the drugs.

Trivia Edit

  • In Al's Instagram, Butch and Lil Mama have shown to be allowed in Al's house, indicating that Al has adopted them.