Buster standing next to Steve; waiting for Al to take him for a walk.

Buster is a Golden Gecko owned by Buddy Green who Al meets in Fallout New Vegas Mods: More Quests! - Part 2. He isn't like other geckos and is very friendly towards Al and his companions. 


While Al and his gang are walking around, they stumble across an abandoned gas station and find Buddy and Buster situated inside; which is where they are currently living. 

Al goes to talk to Buddy and finds out that Buster is his pet gecko and that he walks him daily, although today, he is too tired to do it and asks Al to do it for him. Al accepts and gains Buster as a temporary companion. 

After letting the gecko attack several raiders and mole rats, Al walks Buster back to the gas station and watches Buddy and Buster walk back into their home together. 


  • Buster was attacked by radroaches when he was a baby, which has resulted in his fear of Steve and pretty much every other radroach. 
  • Although despite this fear, both of them behaved pretty well around each other and didn't fight each other upon Al's wishes.
  • Buddy's parents gave him Buster as a birthday present; which was the only present they ever got him. 
  • Al can return to the gas station any time he wants and take Buster out for more walks, although it is unknown if he will do so.
  • Buster can't speak because he is a gecko. Instead, he uses biting and chewing noises to communicate. 

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