Business Radroaches
Business radroaches
Don't mess with these guys

Original Mod


First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Slave Town - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas


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Steve (Formerly)
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The Business Radroaches are a loose coalition of white-collar mutant cockroaches, and are Al's sworn arch-nemesis, hell bent on killing him. Whether this is due to him defaulting on his debts or simply because he has killed so many of them is not entirely clear. Rumor has it that the Business Radroaches control the entire filthy old shack and dark basement market. 

Among their more sinister schemes was the time they captured Janet, Al proceeding to rescue her in The Return of Janet montage. Al recently raided an Enclave bunker occupied by Business Radroaches, further fueling the flames of their intense rivalry. According to Al, television screens embedded into walls are a good way to tell that Business Radroaches are nearby or have been in the current area in the past. Business Radroaches usually use televisions.

They have been trying to steal advanced weaponry from the Gun Runners' arsenal to track Al down but all attempts made thus far were unsuccessful.

Origin Edit

The Business Radroaches were an accidental creation brought about by Al's attempts to give Steve a suit. Al has either been unable or unwilling to reverse this change.

Appearances Edit

They first appeared in the video series Fallout New Vegas Mods: Slave Town, where they would randomly show up on his bed after he fought in the arena or talked to a random ghoul.  They were named "Business Steve" in-game.

They had Janet as their prisoner at one point in time until Al and all his companions saved her in Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Janet! - YouTube.

They make their last official New Vegas montage appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, where they are first seen after Al has fallen into the sewers. While he is trapped there, it is revealed that their ultimate plan has been set into motion, as they begin attacking Freeside with clones of Al created by the Radios and enter the area themselves, shooting a number of civilians in the process. They manage to capture Al in the Lucky 38 with their created Leader, Cunty McLean, after revealing their plan to take over New Vegas through a clone army. Once captured, they reveal to Al that he has been sentenced to death thanks to his arch-nemesis, Doctor GarbageCan, an affiliate of theirs, and attempt to lock him back up in his cell before he ends up escaping with the rest of his gang. At the end of the montage, they are able to capture Mister Cuddlesworth, Captain Ballarms, Steve, and Jerry McGhoulBerry, with Crier Breach acting as the new Al as they begin taking over the Wasteland.

Trivia Edit

  • They are seen in The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry.
  • They once attempted to abduct ChooBee Scoots's dog, FaGoop, but were foiled by Al.
  • The Business Radroaches were recently spotted at Outpost Lambda in Al's playthrough of The Inheritance . It is unknown what they were doing there, or why there were several Business Radroaches already dead prior to Al's arrival, although infighting could be an explanation.
  • They have been known to use baby radroaches as scouts, which is seen in Al's Beyond Boulder Dome mod review. 
  • Steve's four children are affiliated with the Business Radroaches.
  • They seem to have control of Vault 19, as seen in Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!.
  • It's possible that since Al is so rich they use the Radios to create copyright infringement and sue him.
  • It was rumored that Shogo Heavy Industries helped create the Business Radroaches, however Al and Steve just brushes this off as a myth.
  • Recently they have declared war on the New Vegas Empire and have attempted at a failed invasion.
  • Subsidiaries of Business Radroach Inc. include Blackroach Security, The Allied Bank of Roachness, and Roach Heavy Industries.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach Manor - Part 1, it was revealed that the Radroaches and the Radios are making a doppelgänger army of Al and everyone he's ever known.
  • A strange variant of Business Radroach appears during Al's athlete playthrough of Project Brazil. Though labeled as Business Radroaches, they were not wearing the Business Radroaches distinctive suit. This could mean that they were simply radroaches that do business.
  • Al and Co. sometimes encounter a bipedal breed of Business Radroaches similar to Milton and Hans, most notably Business Radroach Inc. Employees seen during Imperial New Vegas.
  • Their secret base is actually located in Hidden Valley.
  • In New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 2, a member of the Business Radroaches named Stanley appears in the sewers, working alongside some members of the Radios. When Crier sees them, they promptly lock the door. They were likely making clones as they had a clone of Crazy Kevin, Crier's companion for the mod.
  • Steve used to work with the Business Radroaches, as confirmed in New Vegas Mods: The Crier Compound!