Bhruce Hammar
"The reward for that quest is crap anyways."

Original Mod

Brhuce Hammar - Legacy





First Appearance

Brhyce Hammar - Part 1


Medeliu Hammar (Father)
Unnamed Child (Breton)
Unnamed Human Lover


"Skimped Up Bimbos"




Temporary Companions

Brhuce Hammar is a Dunmer and a temporary companion Al encounters and acquires in the Skyrim Mods: Brhyce Hammar - Part 1 mod review.


Brhuce Hammar (known to Al as Bruce Hammer-Dick) is a Telvanni Train Lord, former archmagister, honorary century of the chronoghraphers, headmaster of the Technomancer's Union, and certified dermatologist, Al finds wandering in Blackreach and offers to let Brhuce join him. After clarifying that Al is joining HIM, Brhuce agrees and lets the Dragonborn tag along with his adventures.

He is alive at the end of the mod review, although is is unknown if he will make another appearance.

In Skyrim Mods: The Wheels of Lull - Part 5, Al finds Brhuce's father residing in the clockwork city of Lull-Mor who forgives Al for his son's unruly behavior.


  • Brhuce is anti-lore and breaks the fourth wall often.
  • He's a skooma user.
  • He invented the train, cheese wheel, and the Bretons, all under the effects of skooma.
  • Brhuce wants to become the Clockwork King.
  • Brhuce has collected an impressive number of Elder Scrolls, so much that he's built a mini-fort out of them, and plans on building a second one.
  • He is racist towards Argonians. 
  • He frequently references characters, events, and objects from Morrowind. (And at one point Fallout New Vegas when he played the ED-E theme song during battle.)
  • He created Bretons which means at one point in his life he romanced a nord. And had a child. (Or other type of human)
  • He harbors a grudge against "Skimpy" companion mods. Saying "Trust me, I'm much better than some skimped up bimbo who acts and sounds like a 5 year old." To which Al agreed.
  • While he has at least met Vivec it is unknown if he met the other members of the tribunal or The The Nerevarine (Protagonist of Morrowind)
  • He sometimes refrences different mods made by Trainwiz (Creator, Voice, and Maker of Brhuce Hammar) and example of this is in blackreach where he refrenced Blackreach Railroad, a mod that was also reviewed by Al.
  • He has an obsession with trains, not unlike his creator Trainwiz.

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