Blue Girl is a robot that Al made at one point.

Origin Edit

It is unknown when or why Al made Blue Girl, but she first appears in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Tina's Cookiepocolypse - 3 where she participates in the defense of Sanctuary Hills against Feral Ghouls that came when Al summoned an Eyebot named Sir Reginald to warp in a Power Pylon. When Tiny Tina teleported her Assaultron Zealots to help, they accidentally attack some of the settlers, Blue Girl included. Al noticed this and attacked a Zealot, which lead to his many deaths.

Appearances Edit

She appears as a cameo in Fallout 4 Mods Week 43 - Mister Cuddlesworth, Nukabear and Trench Guns as Al was introducing a mod that adds Mister Cuddlesworth in Fallout 4. She was walking behind Al as he was talking to Mister Cuddlesworth.

She makes a clear full-body appearance in Fallout 4 Mods Week 68 - Legion Assassins and Rideable Deathclaw! when Al reviews the Quiet Robots mod and approaches a "skeletal" Protectron with Robobrain Treads, a "skeletal" Protectron with Sentry Bot legs, and Blue Girl.

She makes a cameo in PRESIDENTS ASSEMBLE! - Fallout 4 Mods where she walks behinds the presidents while Al, as Future Lincoln, introduced them in Sanctuary.

She makes a cameo in the first few seconds of Fallout 4 Mods Weekly - Muscle Suit and Tiny Tanks!, in the distance behind Al sitting in a square made of barriers.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • Unknown Special Mod
  • Head
    • Robobrain Head
      • Head Hydraulic Frame
  • Torso
    • Protectron Torso
      • Front Hydraulic Frame
      • Rear Hydraulic Frame
      • Unknown Misc Torso Mod
  • Left Arm
    • Protectron Left Arm
      • Left Arm Factory Armor
      • Protectron Left Hand Claw
  • Right Arm
    • Protectron Right Arm
      • Right Arm Factory Armor
      • Protectron Right Hand Claw
  • Legs
    • Protectron Legs
      • Mid Factory Storage Armor
      • Left Leg Factory Armor
      • Right Leg Factory Armor
  • Voice
    • Unknown Voice
  • Paint
    • Aqua Paint