BlueBalls is a Protectron companion Al created during his review of Mr. Smiths Scrapyard - Part 3. He was an accidental creation of Al's after entering the RobCo Facility to fight robots. 

Origin Edit

Right after creating him, Al wanted BlueBalls, who was unnamed at this point, to take down some radroaches. BlueBalls had a different idea however, and ran away from them to fight other robots. 

Appearances Edit

He first appears in Mr. Smiths Scrapyard - Part 3after going through the facility, BlueBalls follows Al out of the building and meets the rest of the gang before returning to the scrapyard. He follows and helps Al through the rest of the mod and helps him bring Ozzy back to power. 

He reappears in Fallout 4 Mods: Barrenwood - Part 4 as a medical Protectron at a military base. He apparently lived in the generator room as Al searched it. He later dies while fending off ghouls. 

Gallery Edit


  • Al wanted him to have Ripper hands, but didn't have a Ripper to give him.
  • He likes to hide away in trees. 
  • BlueBalls likes to talk excessively, often to the point where he is spouting out information about the law and different combat zones. 
  • It is assumed that he has insectophobia seeing as how he is incredibly slow and hesitant when it comes to killing insects. 
  • Al's other companions don't seem to like BlueBalls, as he was acting as their replacement.