Bimmie James is one of Tau Drone companions reviewed by Al.

In Al's videosEdit

Bimmie James made his first appearence in Companion Threefer!. Originally, Bimmie was named Kor'vesa 54.E#31 but Al was not too fond of it and used a console command to rename the drone. Al was impressed with his and Dingy BicLingDong's firepower. Bimmie James and Dingy BicLingDong made a reappearance starting in Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 66 along with the other three Tau Drone companions which Al had previously left inside of the tent.


  • The Tau drones later returned in Prove Your Worth 3 - Part 3 , though it is unknown if Al considered them to be the same Bimmie and Dingy.
    Bimmie and Dingy

    Bimmie and Dingy

  • Despite their firepower, the volume of their weapons coupled with their tendency to continue firing long after a fight concluded usually irritated Al.

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