"I play games, I record them, then I break 'em."
―Bill's main channel motif

Bill Petersen, or more commonly known as AlChestBreach, is a YouTube gaming sensation. He has been commentating and doing playthroughs on PC games for eight years, though he began uploading skits, goofs, and other hilarious scenarios to YouTube eleven years ago.

When he was born his parents and sister had to live in his grandparent's basement. He was first exposed to video games when he got his hands on a NES controller and played Mario all the time. When he was young, he had many adventures with his first best friend, Dave. One day when the two were playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Dave told Bill that he could add different things to the game himself, using mods. This would be Bill's first introduction to modding. He and Dave also played a game called ZZT a lot and spent the one whole night programming their own games. He would later go on to play one of his games on Misc. Monday.

In high school he met Matt, Nicholi, Sych, Reggie and other friends who we would later see and hear on the RLF podcast. He got a video camera in his second year of high school and began to film random stuff and soon began editing his own videos. His first popular video was a video he made with his friends and was a COPS style parody, and uploaded it to a now defunct video site. People loved it and even asked him to do more videos.

He would later go to college where he studied 3D art and film editing and go on to made a channel on YouTube called Billtcm where he would upload videos he made in college. When he first heard of Fallout he didn't even play it until a friend told him more about the game.

He joined YouTube on March 6, 2006, creating the lesser-known channel Billtcm, though his main channel, Al ChestBreach would be launched on November 26, 2010. The origin of his alias entitled 'AlChestBreach' comes from a video he did on a super secret channel. Bill is famously known for his Fallout: New Vegas Modded play-throughs. He plays popular mods available on Fallout Nexus Mods. Bill's actions towards the games he plays are humorous and unique. During his play-throughs, he'll usually say random things out of the blue. Bill also sings songs that he thinks of when he is in a certain situation spontaneously, but at the same time, comedically.

Trivia Edit

  • Bill moved to Long Island, New York on May 13, 2018.
  • He was born in-between 1988 and 1991