Benni Hennessey

Benni Hennessey is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3. She is a teenage sim at the start of the game, although has now aged into an adult sim and is one of Donny Cop's only friends in Al's Depressed Cop Edition playthrough of the game. She is a recurring character in the series.


Benni appears in the very first episode of the series at the local Hair Salon while Jimmy Cop is out on his very first case as an investigator. She is playing peek-a-boo with the lizards inside of their habitat.

In episode 2, she stopped to watch Jimmy play chess while at the salon, although she didn't seem very interested in his game.

In episode 3, Jimmy formally meets her inside of the Public Library. He asks her about her career, although she finds him to be weird as he is an adult. The two later play rock-paper-scissors.

For the next few episodes, she is only seen exiting the same school building as Donny until episode 16, when she invites him over to her house to hang out. While he went right to the in-house bar to drink, she left within the first five seconds to go and get another friend. In her absence, Donny was kicked out of the house for trying to cook in her kitchen by her roommates. Donny spoke with her friend outside in the rain before leaving.

In episode 18, her and Ethan Parrott were the only two teens invited over to Donny's teen party while his father is away. It is very likely she will appear at the party.

As expected, in episode 19, she appears at the three-person teen party, being the only female there. Instead of enjoying the food and chatting with Donny however, she decides to go outside during a thunderstorm and read her book. Ethan later joins her and leaves Donny inside with Omari, Ethan's brother named "random nerd" by Al. Donny then challenges her to a chess match until she gets bored and begins texting her friends. She ends up falling asleep in Jimmy Cop's bed and starts arguing with Omari about the rain once she wakes up. Upon leaving, she declared the party awesome. Several minutes later, it was revealed that Benni had actually left the party and skipped school to go swim at the lake while it was snowing. Al called her insane.

She is seen at the library in episode 31 while Jimmy is out looking for possible lovers. She is now an adult sim, having aged up sometime between episodes. He sees her and she says she appreciates sims who take the time to learn a new craft. He tries to talk to her, however, she soon becomes bored of him and states that he is too boring for her, as she is a celebrity. She runs out of the building with vampire speed.

Benni is invited to Donny's feast party in episode 37, where it is revealed she is no longer friends with him. The two began talking again, until she became distracted by the sim of Al playing guitar, leaving soon after this. Donny, however, decides to follow her home into episode 38, where she invites him inside. Al states that he is racist towards vampires like her and warns Donny to be careful. Donny tries to set the house on fire, but soon gives up to play foosball with her before he exits to talk with another sim. 


  • She has the traits Flirty, Great Kisser, Virtuoso, and Schmoozer.
  • Benni Hennessey and Zelda Mae share several similarities;
    • Both have the same hairstyle along with similar clothing choices.
    • Both are the the only female friend of a main character sim.
    • Both characters are the first females that are met by a main character.
    • They share the Flirty trait.
  • Al thinks she is the only attractive female in the town.
  • She is also the only female teenage sim in the town.
  • She thinks the Cop house is freezing cold and incredibly boring. This is the reason she brought a drum set to the party.
  • She was turned into a vampire sometime between episode 19-31.

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