Belrand is a spellsword mercenary hired by Al for 500 gold, specializing in sword-type weapons and magic. He is hired in Skyrim Mods: Nibbles and Bounty Hunting! - Part 2.


Belrand is first seen on a "Hired" poster outside on a poster board as he's looking for bounties to complete. After completing some of the requested bounties, he goes to look for Belrand, as he wishes to hire him. After finding him in The Bee and the Barb and paying the required fee, Belrand joins Al.

As the team is about to attack another bounty, Al attempts to explain the rules to Belrand about attacking. Belrand, who doesn't care, begins talking about outlaws and money. He is then hit by Al's shield in annoyance. As the gang enters the hideout to claim the bounty, Al orders the team to sneak through quietly so he can use his bow and arrow. Belrand disobeys this order almost as soon as he enters, and charges head-first at the enemies. After making their way through the hideout, while Al attempts to figure out the bounty paper, he sees Belrand fighting off enemies and mistakes him for one; pulling out his sword and slashing the mercenary. After accidentally killing him, he makes sure no one is looking and tosses his body off of the staircase he died on. After Al comes up with a convincing lie as to how he died for Clackers and Nibbles, the group leaves his body floating in the water and exit the cave for good.


  • Belrand, like Lydia, is actually a "vanilla" or "base game" companion, although Al does not know this.
  • Upon first meeting him, Al thought he was bald. He later apologized for getting this wrong.
  • Al calls him "Balgar" almost immediately after getting him. It is unknown why he does this, although it's likely he just doesn't care enough to get his name correct.
  • He thinks Al's ass is impressive.

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