Beatrice Beltpants
*Swearing in Spanish*

Original Mod

Script Hook V





First Appearance

Apocalypse Escape


  • Curt (Grandson)
  • Unnamed Evil Grandson






GTA Character

Beatrice Beltpants, also known as Burtrice, is Curt Beltpants' grandmother and a survivor of the apocalypse around the city. She is rescued by Curt in GTA V Mods: Apocalypse Escape 2 - Grandma Rescue!, in which she makes her first appearance.


She is first mentioned at the beginning of the video, as Curt scours the city searching for her. After checking several locations, she is finally found in the basement of the basketball stadium, armed with a gun, most likely warding off other visitors until Curt arrived.

He escorts her outside, and the two fight off hordes of enemies, searching for a new vehicle as their helicopter blew up. While escaping, she tries to help one of her friends by bringing her with them. Unfortunately, the car they find is only a two person vehicle, and they leave Beatrice's friend behind.

As they travel, she flips various people off and curses at them, shooting them in the process. Even though they arrive at a base, Beatrice doesn't deem the location safe enough and they move on, finding an airplane to travel in. Eventually, they come across a chicken factory and after clearing out the building, Beatrice decides to live there.


  • Even though she witnessed the death of her other grandson, she was emotionless when he died, most likely hating him like Curt did.
  • Beatrice can speak Spanish, although Curt claims that he can't.
    • She enjoys swearing in Spanish.
  • She has very good aim with a gun, much better than Curt. Her weapon of choice seems to be a shotgun.

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