Bear Bear
"Oh God, Bear Bear is staring into our soul OH GOD"



Hair Color

White (actually Black)



Bear Bear is a part bear, part child sim in the Kid house. She loves playing rocket ship troopers and is best friends with Whiskey, as they bond over being animals. Al is easily unnerved by Bear, as she is frequently caught staring directly at Al's camera, causing him to scream. In the first episode, she becomes angry after a fight, revealing her true form (a rather mundane girl with black pigtails) once she goes to sleep.

Origin and History Edit

Bear Bear was one of the initial Sims living in the Kid House. Like the alien character Melanie, Bear Bear was to be a unique kid, given her unique name and outfit. Al set her up to be the best friend of Kid House caretaker and possible furry Whiskey Sanders, but their friendship was cut short when he managed to burn himself to death while cooking. Strangely, it was Oscar 2.0 who mourned the loss, not Bear Bear. Bear Bear continued on with her life, doing normal kid things and generally being creepy as hell. In episode 2, she gets a kid in trouble for throwing a paper ball at the teacher in class, just like Lexi. In episode 5, during the party, she reunites with the ghost of her friend Whiskey, although she shows little to no reaction.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to her costume's unblinking eyes, Al has shown discomfort when referring to Bear Bear.
  • Al is convinced that Bear Bear will kill everyone.
  • Bear Bear only takes her suit off to sleep and to bathe. It is unknown how she gets food through the mask.

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