Bat Ghoul




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First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry







Business Radroaches (Formerly)
Doctor GarbageCan
Temporary Companions

Bat Ghoul is a mysterious ghoul that we know little about, except that he is an associate of Doctor GarbageCan and a spy for the Business Radroaches. He wears a Batman-like suit, hence the word bat in in his name.


He made a small appearance in The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry as one of the assassins in Al`s nightmare.

Appearances Edit

Years later, he resurfaced in New Vegas Police - Part 2, mysteriously appearing at a Jackal farm after Al and friends joined the New Vegas Police Department. He assisted Al in his cases for the duration of the mod, notably getting into a fight with Jango Fett and punching him in the head while Janet threw balls at them.

At some point, he was living in the sewers under Primm as a Marked Man ghoul with other ghouls: Babs, Dick, a Deathclaw named Batmutt and another ghoul named Al. Somehow, he went into a bunker in Dry Canyon and retrieved a spiked baseball bat belonging to Axe Man's late cousin Bruce Wayne. In New Vegas Mods: Axe Man! - Part 4, while Crier Breach was fighting the other ghouls, the rest of the team went and killed Bat Ghoul in another room. He then retrieved the bat and went on his way to bury it with Bruce.


  • Some say he was actually Batman, but ended up turning into a ghoul, or he may be the long lost brother of Jerry McGhoulBerry.
  • Strangely enough despite being originally called a "Villian" by Al, he seems to either have neutral relations with Al or is at least willing to work with Al to accomplish his Ghouls, which could very well be noble goals do to the fact he helped Al and the NVPD clear the streets of crime.

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