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Balloon Man is a balloon who first appears in Let's Photoshop - Harvey The Pilot as the co-pilot of a plane, alongside Harvey. Ghoul With No Name, a mod creator, took Balloon Man's model from that video and converted him into Fallout New Vegas to be a companion of Al's in New Vegas Mods: Balloon Man and The Land Before Time - Part 1.


Balloon Man first appears on The Strip, already following Al. It was revealed that he traveled from the past, the year 2015, to the future. Al decides that it is then his mission to send Balloon Man back home.

The gang heads to Gibson Scrap Yard, where they find an old rocket ship. The group boards the ship and Al hopes that the rocket will be enough to send him back to his own time.

The rocket actually sends them to the prehistoric era, however, and the group is forced to fight dinosaurs and other horrible creatures to get back to the ship. Although Balloon Man almost pops, he survives.

Al eventually decides that Balloon Man should just live in the past and then makes it his goal to find Balloon Man a suitable home.

Appearances Edit

He makes a final appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, having been captured by the Business Radroaches and the Radios. He is eventually freed by Al and assists him in taking down the Business Radroaches in the bunker before leaving with the rest of Al's secondary companions, heading out into the wasteland while Al promises to save the Mojave.


  • Balloon Man was a pilot, although since his appearance in Fallout New Vegas, it is unknown if he still pilots.
  • He has the standard NPC voice for males.
  • Despite being named Balloon Man, he has no gender, as he is a balloon.
  • Many fans believe that he looks like Hitler and may possibly be a reincarnation of the man.
  • He may have been living in Vault 34 due to his affiliation with the Boomers.
  • He fights by shooting lasers out of his "crotch".
  • He forgot where his home is, and may be suffering from Amnesia.
  • He sometimes shows his ass like Steve.
  • He sometimes gets very close to Al like Captain Ballarms
  • According to Al in the Photoshop video, he apparently lasted 30 minutes before deflating after he was created.

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