This page is about a robot named after Ballarms. For other robots named similarly, go to the Captain Ballarms, Not-Ballarms or Red Ballarms pages.

Ball² In Novac

Original Mod

Captain Ballarms Revived





First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Thrash - Part 1

Last Appearance

No information


Mrs. Ballarms (Cousin-in-law)
Baby Protectrons (Second cousins)
Captain Platearms (Ancestor)
Not-Ballarms (Possible cousin)
Captain Ballarms (Cousin)






Temporary Companions

Ball² (also known as German Ballarms by fans) is Captain Ballarms' German cousin whom Al does not like.

Origin Edit

Ball² first appeared in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Thrash -Part 1 and was the product of a glitch where Ballarms was accidentally "cloned" when Al entered the Reactory Hideout for a review of Wasteland Thrash.

Appearances Edit

Al was confused that there were two Ballarms in the house and accused Ballarms of building another Ballarms while Al was away. Ball² kept following Al and he was annoyed at his presence. Al lost him in Boulder City and was glad that happened.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point, he has lived under AlChestBreach Headquarters before Al actually moved in. He had a pod under the building that was surrounded by small flames on the floor. In FNV Mods: Liberty Reloaded & The Canyons Have Eyes - 1, Al reviewed the house mod and came across the pod. He immediately panicked and went on with the video in fear that Ball² might show up.
  • Al assumed Ball² was German because of the locations added by Wasteland Thrash was partially in German.
  • Al can differentiate Ball² from Ballarms because the former doesn't speak.
  • He is similar to Scratch as they are both clones of another companion, in this case being Ballarms.

German Ballarms' Pod under AlChestBreach Headquarters

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