The Badger Family is a family consisting of 5 different badgers. The mother, Suzanette, including Robinson, Kuruso, Jimmy, Danny, and Tom, her children, are the family Al plays as in Indie Sunday! - Shelter - Badger Family! - Part 1.


The Badger Family starts off in their home; one that Suzanette's husband bought for her seven years ago. After feeding Danny, the family is able to head off out of their home and into the world to go to the Boon Lagoon Amusement Park. They were soon sidetracked however, as they collected food and hunted frogs.

The family returned back on track and continued heading towards Boon Lagoon. Unbeknowst to them, Boon Lagoon had been relocated in 97' and they were actually traveling the wrong direction to The Death Fields. Although the family was soon distracted yet again, hunting foxes and picking roots of some kind.

Eventually, their journey lead them to The Field of Death; an area with owls overhead of the family that wished to consume them. They snuck through the grassy area carefully and although careful, Danny was attacked and killed by the owl while Tom ran off in fright by himself. Suzanette left him behind however and carried on with the remaining three children. They escaped through the area and ran into a log placed precariously across a ravine. The log broke when the remaining family members entered and collasped the family into a lower part of the world and darkness.

When the family entered the dark forest, they were instantly being hunted by The Slender Creature, the creature that haunted the woods. The Slender Creature scared the family off and killed Kuruso in the process while Suzanette and the other two children ran away.

The family soon entered the area where lava rained down and came upon The Death River, where wild waves tried to wash the Badger Family away. The two badger brothers that remained soon grew in size while in the area as well, almost becoming as big as Suzanette herself.

They reached the safe area after crossing the river and returned back to the area they had started their journey. They traveled back through trees and grass patches to stumble upon more owls; owls that wished to kill of the rest of the family. Just as the family thought they were safe, a owl attacked out of nowhere and broke Suzanette's ribs, slowing down her movement and her ability to walk. The two brothers ran ahead of their mother while the owl continually attacked her and, almost unable to move, Suzanette was swept up by the owl, likely to be eaten by the animal. It is unknown what happened to the remaining two children.


  • Danny, the fifth child, died of hunger the night before The Badger Family set off into the world. Everyone forgot to feed him. Al revived him using the root of a plant.
  • There is a sixth unamed child who is currently away at college. It is unknown what college he is at.
  • Suzanette promised to take her children to the Boon Lagoon Amuesment Park. This promise was never fulfilled, however.
  • Suzanette's husband is on a business trip through the family's journey, meaning he probably does not know of the trip they've made.
  • Jimmy and Danny rustled Suzanette's "badger jimmies".
  • Suzanette has bladder problems, which causes her to go to the bathroom frequently.
  • Suzanette loves to eat frog legs, but hates roots.

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