Bad Mothafucka is a temporary companion of Al's who was recruited in Goodsprings during the episode Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bad Mothaf*cka - Part 1. He can only say the word "mothafucka" when talked to, however, he almost always says them in different tones, such as it ending in a "?" or a "!". His tone often is the only way to vaguely distinguish what message he may be trying to relay. Depending on the situation, he may sound confused, subtle, angry, agreeing, disagreeing, etc.

Origin Edit

The job interview was given in REPCONN Headquarters by a character other than Al, who wore a suit and name was not given. He asks Bad Mothafucka about various subjects, some of them purely strange (though his excuse being that he was just required to ask them), such as his take on in-game factions/politics, his marital status, how she broke his heart, in detail, his childhood, if he had any regrets, if he would enjoy a dog in the building, who his enemies are, what they did to him, where his travels have led him, the most amazing thing he had ever seen, etc.

Appearances Edit

He accompanied Al through all of his "odd job" quests he did for random people, such as Sunny Mustard. He also helped Al kill basic enemies, such as Fiends. At certain times, he and Mister Cuddlesworth formed an effective alliance by doubling up on individual enemies to overpower them. At the end of the second video, he and the interviewer had sex, followed by him successfully getting his job (and several smacks on the butt).

Trivia Edit

  • He informed Al, via a special message, that he wanted to learn more about Deathclaws or other similar horned fauna.
  • He doesn't receive quite as much attention as Al's other companions, but throughout the two videos he is in, periodically (often during loading screens) it will flash white and a message will appear, saying "Several Hours Before", switching to a cutaway portion of Bad Mothafucka's job interview, as he mentioned when he was recruited, Al responding with "you tell us how that job interview went".
  • On accident, Al called him things like "Big Mothafucka" or "Mothafucka Mike".
  • He doesn't talk much.
  • He survived Al's muffin bombs.
  • He is the only featured companion with a swear word in his name.
  • He may be a reference to Mean Sonofabitch, a similar character in Fallout: New Vegas who resides in Westside.