The Bachelor Bobby Household is a household that is made up of Bobby Duggart from the Duggart family and chronicles Bobby's life on his own as a young adult away from his family for the first time. The family currently consists of Bobby Duggart and his wife, Emma Duggart. As it is a spin off of The Duggart series, it gets it's own episodic adventure and begins at Sims 4 - Bachelor Bobby! - Part 1.

Family MembersEdit

Bobby Duggart
Bobby adult
Bobby as an adult.


EP 1 -



  • Bobby Duggart

Bobby Duggart is a new young adult sim who is ready for life on his own, ready to experience the world. After his birthday, he decided he was finally going to move out of the main Duggart house where the rest of his family resided and purchase a small home of his own. After doing so, he tries to say farewell to the rest of his family. Even though it was revealed they hated him, they still hugged him goodbye. In the first episode, when given financial responsibility for the first time, he "accidentally" spends all of his money decorating his bathroom. Emma Watson visits him a few minutes later and the two become partners in crime as well as girlfriend and boyfriend. After she leaves, he goes job hunting and snags a career as a Secret Agent. At his first day on the job, Bobby discovers an intense firewall on an object he's looking through. He decides to hack past the wall and is successful, gaining a raise. After his raise, he pulls a prank with Emma to have a llama run through his work place. Unfortunately for him, the llama goes on a rampage and Bobby immediately loses his raise. In the second episode, he goes on a date with Emma to the bar, where the two share a legendary date. In episode 3, he goes on another date with Emma, this time, marrying her on the spot and having her move in, getting him out of poverty. He spends little time with Emma from that point on, as he's mainly busy with work. Being the bachelor he is, Bobby starts flirting with Sam Tudge, a woman who often visits him, in preparations to start a relationship with her once Emma dies of old age. In episode 4, he opens his own cheeseburger store named Bobby's Burgers, which he builds and opens to the public. In order to enhance his store, he hires an employee, Camron Gurpkin, Lindsay Gurpkin's son, and puts him in a bear costume for his own amusement, even though Cameron is horrible at his job. In episode 6, he continues working at his burger store, flirting with every customer that comes in and expanding his wares to potatoes, alcohol, and toilets, alongside cheeseburgers. In episode 7, he hires Athena Guzman, a woman who enjoys wearing a hot-dog costume, as a new employee. Later in the episode, he sells a drink to a child, who may or may not actually be 47 years old.

Emma Watson

Emma elder


Emma Watson in The Sims 4.


EP 3 -



Emma Duggart (née Watson) is Bobby's childhood friend and wife. In episode 3, after ageing up into an elder, Bobby and Emma decided to go on a date at the bar where Bobby proposed to her, as she is going to die soon, and the two immediately eloped and shared vows on the spot. Having moved in with Bobby, Emma sold her old house, making her and Bobby rich. She then became an Entertainer and learns to play the violin, albeit poorly. She, just like Zelda Mae, also began written children's books, one book titled Cookies For Sale, Or Are They?, a chilling story about Ron Tooth, a cannibalistic child, and his magical Cookie Stand. In episode 4, she earned a promotion, which made Al mad, as he thought she was trying to overshadow Bobby. Throughout episodes 4 to 7, Emma is left at home, living her life meticulously. It is unknown what has occurred at home while Bobby's been away.


  • The series is supposedly filmed in front of a live studio audience.
    • The series is also apparently directed by Ray Romano and a two year old bird.
  • Bobby actually lives right down the street from his old house.
  • Condor, from The Cop Family, resides in Bobby's house as well the Cop house. While it is currently unknown how this is possible, a rift in dimensions seems like a likely answer.
  • In the first 2 episodes of the series, Bobby was extremely poor, having few items like an art easel so that he could make money when he's not working, and a penguin television, his primary source of entertainment.
  • It's implied that Bobby married Emma solely for financial reasons, such as the debt he owed her and his poor income.
  • Emma seems to be completely unaware of her husband's infidelity, as she sometimes chats with Sam Tudge, Bobby's soon-to-be mistress.

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