Baby Protectrons




Original Mod

New Vegas Stories - Mrs Ballarms





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Mrs. Ballarms - Part 1

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Montage: The Return of Ballarms!


Captain Ballarms (Father)
Ball² (First cousin once removed)
Mrs. Ballarms (Mother)
My Little Kill Bot (Stepbrother)
Captain Platearms (Ancestor)
Chef Ballarms (Unknown relation)


  • Scorpion Gangsters
  • Cavemen
  • Evil Buttercup




Temporary Companions

Baby Protectrons are Ballarms' two kids that appeared in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Mrs. Ballarms.

Origin Edit

At some point, Ballarms was married and had two kids. Some time after Ballarms was sent back in time, Mrs. Ballarms' shack was attacked by Scorpion Gangsters and her two kids were kidnapped. She called Al to rescue them.

Appearances Edit

They appear in New Vegas Stories: Mrs Ballarms captured by gangsters, sold and put in different caves. Al found they youngest child in A cavemen's cave and the oldest in another cave with evil Giddyup Buttercups and robots that resemble miniaturized Liberty Primes with horns. They were returned to their mother and Al helped her find a wind tower for electricity.

In Fallout New Vegas Montage: The Return of Ballarms! there was one son that wears a red baseball cap in the Radios' 48th simulation on Ballarms when he was captured in the past. It's likely he was fabricated by the Radios and not one of Ballarms' sons.

Trivia Edit

  • Al gave the youngest child a bunch of magazines but then thought of giving him a cowboy magazine because of his hat.

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