Babs L'Amour
Babs l'amour
Babs as a teenager.


EP 39 -


Loves Outdoors

Babs L'Amour is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 4. Although her original sim is an adult, this version of Babs starts her off as a teenager. She is currently Bobby Duggart's love interest.


Bobby and Babs first meet at the park in episode 39, where he introduces himself via a flirty introduction. He is very forward with his advances, almost accidentally breaking her in half. Bobby's flirting is well-received by her, however, and the two end up going on a date together to the local gym. The two chat for a bit and Babs proves to Bobby that she can do more push ups than him. After a bit, their conversation soon turns awkward after some uncomfortable subjects come up, embarrassing both Bobby and Babs. Their chat picks up a little bit before Bobby goes home after she begins showing off her muscles.

In episode 40, she visits Bobby at his house only to find out that Emma Watson is already there, chatting with him. She does not become jealous despite Al's fear that she will, and Bobby and her start talking and dancing together. After they dance, Babs becomes angry and takes her anger out on the toy castle in the backyard of the house, destroying it. Al, although mad, has Bobby flirt with her more. She then leaves, happy.

Babs is invited on a date by Bobby in episode 41, where the two go to the museum. Babs gets confused, however, over whether or not the sign outside the place is considered art and studies it for several minutes while Bobby tries to flirt with her. A man then appears and begins flirting with Babs instead, which leads Bobby to insult and "attack" the man. When he leaves, Babs gets mad at Bobby, and goes to take "a sweet dump". The two make up and Babs goes home somewhat happy.

Bobby calls her and asks her to hang out with him at his house in episode 45. Even though she's extremely pissed off for an unknown reason, she shows up and immediately starts yelling at Bobby. Even though he wishes to flirt with her, Al has Bobby begin insulting her and berating her family. Babs eventually goes home, furious.


  • Her computer can only run Linux.
  • Bobby may have killed her family members by running over them with a tank. This was most likely just a story he told to impress her, however.
  • While in her athletic outfit, Al thinks that she looks like Sarah Connor.
  • Interestingly enough, Babs only seems to react kindly to Bobby when he acts inappropriately to her. It is unknown why this is.

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