Averna is a member of the Dark Brotherhood who Al meets during his review of the Skyrim mod Dark Brotherhood Resurrection . She accompanies him as a temporary companion in Part 7.


Averna gives Al an assortment of quests to do for The Brotherhood. Most of them involving sacrificing virgins; a.k.a., killing children as she likes to put it, along with collecting books and ancient rituals.

After Al completes these tasks, she decides to join Al to help him. 

Her attack pattern is unusual, as she disappears into a large portal-type hole; getting away from all enemies and then reappears several seconds later, attacking again. She mostly casts spells and is a main magic user.


  • She gives Al the shout; Hunter, Call Averna. It can be used to summon her when she disappears in to the shadows.
  • Al likes to call her "nipple lady."
  • She doesn't seem to care about human life or have any remorse for her actions, shown when she sends Al out to kill 7 innocent children and telling Al she just wants to "get out and murder someone." She also seems to enjoy rape. 
  • It is heavily implied that Averna is a lesbian, or at least likes people of her gender more, given how she was extremely close to a woman named Astrid. She left her own home after Astrid chose someone else (A man) over her.
  • Averna has stated that she prefers stealth.

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