Augustus "Lil' Kanye" Burrows is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 4. He is a child sim and an antagonist to Bobby Duggart and is a current recurring character Al's playthrough of the game.


Augustus is first encountered in episode 11 at the local playground, where he and Bobby both play on the spaceship obstacle. The two start becoming friends, although Bobby goes home soon after this.

Their friendship soon ends however, when he reappears in episode 14 after being invited over to a neighbors house along with Bobby. Once they arrive, Bobby begins yelling at him for his outfit, stating that his clothes don't match. The two then start mocking each other, officially becoming rivals. Augustus runs home after their argument, upset.

In the following episode, Harold invites Augustus over to Vladimir Putin's house with him and Bobby to possibly try and mend their relationship. Augustus ignores Bobby and begins exploring the house instead. He finds a computer and begins playing video games on it, much to Putin's annoyance. Bobby begins yelling at him while he does so and a brawl ensues between the two. Bobby wins the fight, leaving Augustus ashamed as he runs home.

He appears again in episode 20, being invited over to a neighbors house by Bobby. The family of the house is not home, leading the two to begin chatting. Even though it starts off peacefully enough, their conversation soon turns into insults. While both children remained mad at each other, they visited the local park next to the house together due to the family's absence and began playing on the spaceship where they first met. Bobby soon leaves his enemy at the park to visit another house, saying goodbye to Augustus.

Sometime between episodes 21-29, he aged up into a teenager.


  • Al calls him Lil' Kayne because of his resemblance to Kanye West.
  • He is the third "real life" sim to appear in Al's playthrough. The first is Emma Watson and the second is Putin.
  • He is the second child antagonist in the sims series. The first was Doug Tanden.
    • On top of this, he is the only antagonist in the Sims 4 series thus far.
  • While Al usually hates antagonistic characters, Al enjoys Augustus' company, so much so that he goes out of his way to invite him places whenever Bobby travels around the town despite the character's hatred of each other.
    • This is likely because Al finds Bobby's misery amusing.

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