"Our enemies are as good as dead darling."

Original Mod

Atomic Radio and Tales From the Commonwealth





First Appearance

Tales from the Commonwealth - Part 6


Unnamed Spouse (Deceased)
Arthur (Brother, deceased)
Barnaby (Brother, deceased)
Antionette (Sister)
Margaret (Sister)


  • Siblings
  • Margaret (Formerly)




Temporary Companions

Audrey is a ghoul who resides in Goodneighbor in the game Fallout 4. She speaks rather formally and doesn't sound like a typical ghoul. She requests Al to be her gun for hire and in exchange, she will be the same for him. She then accompanies him as a companion in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Tales from the Commonwealth - 6 - Two Brothers!.


Audrey is first encountered inside of the The Third Rail bar in Goodneighbor. When he talks to her, she tells him that she is there on business and that there is a meet up she needs to attend. She tells Al that if he agrees to help her, she will help him in return. Al decides to assist her and the two set off for the sewers after he buys her some weapons, as she is extremely ill-equipped to the surprise of none.

When they enter the subway, they find Audrey's brother Arthur dead with a holotape on his body. They play the holotape, where Arthur reveals that she has "won" and has outlived the rest of their siblings (or at the very least, figured out their part of the combination). For doing so, she gains their part of the combination for the inheritance money that their parents left behind. When the holotape ends, Audrey reveals that the moment is bittersweet and wants to take revenge on the person who killed him. She has Al look for clues and they find a lead to Margaret, one of Audrey's sisters. They then venture off to look for her.

They find her tending a bar and Audrey and Margaret speak. It is revealed that Margaret is now a synth, having transplanted her brain into a human body. She also reveals that she was the one who killed Arthur. She states that she killed him to get his part of the combination and Audrey and Margaret decide to work together, using their parts of the combination to open the safe at their old estate and split the fortune. Al and Audrey then set off for the estate, planning to meet Margaret there.


  • Audrey has been alive for over 200 years. She states that through these 200 years, she has been a "Heiress, a salvager, a mercenary, and a fool".
  • It is likely that she met MacCready when he was a child, as she knows that he referred to adults as "mungos".
  • Al almost gives her a ghoul mask, although stops himself, as he considers this degrading.
  • She reveals that her family reunions "start with bullets and end with blood".

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