Asshole Ranger

"Travelling band of assholes!"

Original Mod

The Travelling Band





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 1 (Featuring Hugh Jackman)








Travelling Band of Assholes

Asshole Ranger is an member of the Travelling Band of Assholes, who followed Al during the video New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 1 (Featuring Hugh Jackman) and New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 2 (Still featuring Hugh Jackman).

Origins Edit

The Asshole Ranger joined Crier Breach as the new companion during the mod review New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 1 (Featuring Hugh Jackman), in which he was introduced during a cut scene where Crier Breach was giving a debriefing of a top secret mission to meet back up with Bain, from Nevada Heists 1. Asshole Ranger was given a Hugh Jackman mask, though the mask conflicted with his ant helmet, creating a humorous appearance, and a laser sniper rifle (though he uses the Toaster Gun instead) and a Quantum Trigger (by Hopper31), though he never actually used the Quantum Trigger himself. Axe Man and Crier Breach were also given a Hugh Jackman mask. Asshole Ranger continued to travel with Crier Breach through the mod review, aiding him in battle and annoying Al with his constant battle cry of "Travelling Band of Assholes!", at one point annoying Al so much that he shot Asshole Ranger in the face with a flaming toasted plate. During the mod review he shrank Asshole Ranger to the size of a child, and forgot to change him back at the end of the review.

Appearances Edit

Asshole Ranger has so far only been featured in New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 1 (Featuring Hugh Jackman) and New Vegas Mods: Nevada Heists 2! - Part 2 (Still featuring Hugh Jackman). He helped Al through the mod review, aiding him in combat while using a laser sniper rifle. Asshole Ranger annoyed Al extremely with his chant of "Travelling Band of Assholes", leading to Al complaining that he might have to change it in order to keep the swearing down, as well as expressing his great annoyance through telling him to shut up. During one of the heists, Asshole Ranger opened fire on civilians, costing Al money and causing him to fail a quest, leading to Al forcing the Asshole Ranger to lie down sexily, in order to stop him from shooting up the place the second Al started set the explosives. At one point in the mod review, Al shrank Asshole Ranger down to the size of a child in order to make him look like his child while robbing a jewelry store, using him as a distraction. Al presumably forgot to change him back, and Asshole Ranger was still the size of a child when the mod review ended.

Trivia Edit

  • Asshole Ranger seems to only be able to say one phrase, which is "Travelling Band of Assholes!"
    • This could mean that he is related to the original Crier Breach, as both could only say one phrase, as well as meaning that they could both be clones of Al.
  • Asshole Ranger comes from the mod "The Travelling Band" by Fagahajakal.
  • Asshole Ranger is supposed to be an enemy. In the mod he originates from, the squad of NCR Assassins is made out of Asshole Ranges. It is likely that Al changed an Asshole Ranger into a companion since he is in good standing with the NCR and never has assassin squads sent after him.
  • The Travelling Band of Assholes is the direct opposite of the Birthday Brigade.
  • In the video New Vegas Mods: The Crimson Factory, the Asshole Ranger was changed into a woman along with Axe Man and Al.

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