The Artemis team is an elite Thunderfist unit in Mothership Zeta Crew. The unit consists of 5 members;   

  1. Naoko Kurosawa: The leader of Artemis team. She is currently non-responsive in a coma aboard mothership zeta.
  2. Sgt.Hawk: The second-in-command of Artemis Team.He was killed during the battle that occurred during Al's speech. He is currently deceased.
  3. Pvt. McManus: The heavy weapons specialist. He is currently alive and retired in Poseidonis.
  4. Pvt. Ruiz: The technology expert of the team. He was also the joker of the group. He was also killed during the battle that occurred during Al's speech. He is deceased.
  5. AlChestBreach: The very awesome commander of T.S.C. As of 2277 he is on the moon.


  • The team name is based on Artemis, The greek godess of the hunt.

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