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Collector, Perfectionist, Creative, Art Lover

Alec Friedman is the main character of The Sims 4 - Hobo Life. He is a homeless Sim living in Oasis Springs. Alec has the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, as well as the Perfectionist, Creative, and Art Lover traits. He is Best Friends with Jameson Duggart.

Biography Edit

Alec first appeared in The Sims 4 - Hobo Life - 1, where he immediately went to the park in the middle of the night and ate cheeseburgers that had been left out on a picnic table. He then spent the rest of the night scavenging plants, rummaging through trash cans, and fishing. The next day, he stole a guitar from the park and began to practice, in hopes of one day being able to play for tips. Later that night, he went to the Rattlesnake Juice bar, where he attempted to socialize and make friends. However, due to his poor hygiene and appearance, it didn't go well. He ended up falling asleep in the bathroom and left the guitar behind in the bar.

He later spent the night sleeping at a dance club and stole another guitar. After playing for several hours, surviving only on chips, he finally earned some money, which he immediately used to buy more chips.

After leaving the guitar behind at the club (again) Alec became friends with Jameson Duggart. He went back to the park to rummage through trash again, meeting a grown-up Bear Bear along the way.

In Episode 2, Alec went back to the club and played guitar for more tips, breaking the club's bathroom sink in the process. He kept buying expensive food and drinks instead of just ordering chips, much to Al's frustration. After witnessing a fire, he went to visit the Duggart household and ate their leftover tuna casserole. He also stole Artsy Bobby's eggs and toast. He spent the night with the Duggarts, putting out another house fire before going to play the guitar.

The next day, he went back to the club and broke the toilet. He also became friends with Dennis Kim.

In Episode 3 Alec encountered a random clone of himself named Maximus Khan, who looked much more like a crazy homeless man than Alec did. Afterwards, he became friends with Furry Dad.

Trivia Edit

  • Al constantly refers to him as "Lumberjack Keanu Reeves".

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